A veteran judge shares her vision for ending the vicious cycle of child abuse and crime.

When 19-year-old Leo Boatman was convicted of the brutal murders of two college students, he told the judge, "I can't offer an explanation because there is none." But Judge Irene Sullivan knew there had to be more to the story than just a senseless crime, and she was determined to discover the root cause of Boatman's behavior. Corresponding with him in prison, Judge Sullivan learned of the failures and abuses of every system Boatman had passed through, each intended to prevent such a devastating turn of events.

Drawing on years of work with thousands of children, Judge Sullivan presents a plan for breaking the vicious cycle of child abuse and crime that causes such tragedies. Through eye-opening stories from both her own courtroom and the system at large, Judge Irene reveals what works for young people in jeopardy. The results are surprisingly optimistic: few would have guessed that the most successful programs are also among the most cost-effective and practical. Raised by the Courts will be a source of hope and clarity for those who care about ending the cycle of violent crime among the youngest and most vulnerable members of society.

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